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Our STAR mortgage process

Our one of a kind “Star” mortgage processes makes it less stressful and time consuming for self employed people to get mortgages

mortgages for self employed people

We know that as a busy self employed person you do not have a lot of time on your hands and also do not want to add on anymore stress into your life than you already have by trying to arrange a mortgage.

So we have developed a specific tailored process that allows us to take care of every step of getting mortgages for self employed people arranged. I have outlined our unique and one of a kind STAR mortgages process below that will make getting a mortgage while self employed less stressful and time consuming.

Our STAR process has 4 distinct areas – Strategy, Troubleshoot, Arrange/Advise/Apply and Review. Within these headers there is a number of steps we will take to ensure the process is completed in as little time as possible and also with minimum stress.

Lets start with Strategy :

Step 1 . Strategy Call – Everyone of our clients begins here this is where have a general chat around your current circumstances just now and where you want to be in the future. We will also gather some details around the kind of property you are looking to buy  and allow you to ask any questions you want.

At this stage we will also gather if you need us to arrange a solicitor, surveyor and if required a removal company for you.

This is all completely free and costs nothing at all.

Step 2 . Gather all documents – At this stage we begin gathering all the documents we feel we will need in order to access and then use as evidence for the mortgage application stage. Now where most advisors would leave you to gather these documents we do not do this. If you provide details of an accountant we are more than happy to speak to them and arrange the gathering of these documents.

If you do not have an accountant we will provide you with all the free advice and assistance you need in order to obtain these documents.

Now we move on to Troubleshoot

Step 3 . Access Documents – Once we have received all your documents we will access them all and identify any potential problems we can see. The benefits of this is it saves time as we would not approach any mortgage lenders that these potential issues would result in a decline in a mortgage application.

Step 4 . Complete Fact Find Document – At this stage we will complete our comprehensive fact find document that will allow us to provide you with a personalised advice and make a recommendation.

We send this document to you via email to then go through and complete – we will pre fill it with as much information as we can in order to cut down on the time required from you as you are busy enough as it is.

After you have completed and sent it back – we will again look over the fact find to identify any potential issues and then arrange a quick meeting or telephone call with you to go over the details of the fact find and what we intend to do on any potential issues we may have found.

Then we move on to the exciting part Arrange, Advise and Apply!

Step 5 . Research – This stage should have none or minimal impact on your time as we have gathered everything we need from you already we will begin using our bespoke sourcing software to research our extensive lender panel to find you the lowest and most suitable interest rate.

We will also look into the all the costs of the mortgage for you to ensure we get you the best product for your circumstances. We will also check lenders affordability to ensure you will meet this again allows us to be sure that the application should not be declined cutting down the stress and time for you.

Step 6 . Your Advice – Once we have completed all our research and due diligence we arrange a meeting or call with you to confirm all the details of the mortgage lender we think is the best to go with so for example we will discuss – interest rate, mortgage term, monthly payment etc.

 Step 7 .  Apply – This is where things get even more exciting we will begin the process of applying with the chosen mortgage lender.

In most instances we would look to obtain an agreement in principle from your chosen mortgage lender and then if this comes back as successful we would move onto a full submission. If it does not come back successful we will look at why this has not been successful and then look to carry out the process with the next best lender.

Step 8 . Arrange – As I mentioned way back at the start of this process we like to take on as much of this process as we can for you as we understand you are already busy and do not have a lot of time to deal with getting a mortgage as a self employed person also who wants the added stress!

In order to stay true to this – while we are doing the full submission to the mortgage lender we will and can arrange a solicitor, surveyor and even removal company for you if you would like us to. We have an extensive panel of solicitors, surveyors and removal companies we can access (and between you and me it is often cheaper this way as well) to ensure this is all done for you.

We are nearing the end of the process now – kind of! As we are into the Review section.

Step 9. Review the mortgage offer – Congratulations you have made it to a formal offer from the mortgage lender! Open the champagne and start picking out the colour of the master bedroom walls! At this stage we will arrange another meeting or telephone call with you to go over the offer to see if you have any questions or anything you want to run by us.

If you are using one of the solicitors we have arranged for you we contact them to ensure they have received the offer and continue to communicate with them to ensure everything is being progressed as quickly as possible.

If you are using your own solicitor we will contact them to ensure they have received the mortgage offer.

Step 10. Regular 6 month & Yearly Reviews – Our commitment to you does not stop there even after you have received the mortgage offer we will stay in regular contact to ensure everything is going to planned and also look at  reviewing the mortgage you currently have to ensure you are always getting the best deal you can.

If you are still reading this then I thank you a lot and if you are looking to get started on this process you can reach me on the contact details below.

Thanks in advance….

Darren Dow

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