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Mortgages for Self Employed

Specialist Advisor in Mortgages for Self Employed People

mortgages for self employed people

Mortgages for self employed people can be a over complicated, stressful and time consuming process.

But not when you come to a specialist advisor in mortgages for self employed people – We have created a bespoke process that is designed to make the process of getting a mortgage as a self employed person simple and straightforward.

Our Star Process means that we take over the end to end process of obtaining the mortgage for you – allowing you to focus on what you do best in your day to day life. Our STAR process has been designed with simple goal of making getting mortgages for self employed people straight forward, less stressful and less time consuming.

Need to arrange a solicitor – we will do it for you.

Need to arrange movers and van – we will do it for you.

Need help getting your SA302 or accounts from your accountant – we will do it for you.

When arrange mortgages for self employed people we always start with a strategy call which allows us to gather what is important to you but it also allows us to gather information on your self employment to allow us to determine which mortgage would be the best to approach to ensure when we submit an application is completed first time cutting down the required and getting you in that dream home right away.

After that we will take action – this is where we start to pull together all the moving parts with as minimal input from yourself (unless you want to be involved of course) thereby reducing the time input required from you and reducing your stress to a non existent level.

Next we will access all of the mortgage lenders criteria and fit the requirements we gathered from our strategy call to these criteria again ensuring our first choice is the right one to reduce any time required in getting the mortgage.

Finally we will get you the result you are after on the conditions you are after.

We can also provide buy to let mortgage